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Why Compare Hot Tub Providers?

By comparing hot tub options with you get personalized quotes from leading professionals - that way you can be sure you're getting quality products and service at the best price for your needs.

What Are the Health Benefits of a Hot Tub?

Stress Relief

Research shows that regular hot tub use can help reduce the effects of muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, soreness, and other symptoms of high stress. Using a hot tub may also promote more endorphins, helping both your body and mind reach a more consistent routine of tranquility and relaxation.

Arthritis Pain Relief

The Arthritis Foundation suggests that using warm-water hydrotherapy, such as a hot tub, can be an excellent way to apply heat, relieve pain, and ease movement for those who suffer from arthritis.

Because hot tubs provide ample warmth, soothing massage jets, and overall buoyancy for the body; joints and high-pressure points are relieved from their usual stiffness and wear and tear, promoting accelerated healing times.

Better Blood Sugar Level for Those with Diabetes

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that bathing in a hot tub simulates the beneficial effects of exercise, which is known to be one of the best ways to help people who have diabetes. However, not everyone is able to safely participate in physical exercise. That's why using a hot tub can be a great way to circumscribe high-impact exercising.

Patients with type 2 diabetes who used a hot tub for half an hour a day, six days a week, during a three week period experienced reduced blood sugar levels.

Promotes Weight Loss

Because hot tubs can stimulate the effects of physical exercise, studies have shown that those who use hot tubs regularly may lose an average 3.5 pounds in weight without changes in diet or physical activity.

Better Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 132 million Americans suffer from poor sleep at least one night a week!

New studies have shown that soaking in a hot tub prior to sleep can help the body and mind ease into the transition from wakefulness to deep sleep. Reasons for this include added stress relief and muscular decompression, as well as body temperature shifts, which aid in deeper, more restful sleep as your body acclimates to a cooler temperature.

Lower Blood Pressure

Some studies show that relaxing in a hot tub for as little as 15 minutes may be beneficial for those looking to lower their blood pressure.

Will a Hot Tub Increase My Property Value?

It's easy to see why having a desirable asset like a hot tub on your property might improve the overall value of your home. Although increasing any house's value varies from property to property, it is estimated that home improvement projects can add up to $.80 on the dollar according to

What Features Can I Expect from My Hot Tub?

There's a wide range of models and features available on the hot tub market. By filling out our form above you can get personalized offers from hot tub professionals who can help you get the exact hot tub you want for your home. Typical features of hot tubs include:

Advanced Hydrotherapy Jets & Bubbles

Using specialized aeration pumps and adjustable nozzles, hot tub jets and bubbles can help massage deeper muscle tissue under the skin's surface - making for a relaxing, decompressing spa experience.

Ergonomic Seating

Depending on the hot tub model you choose, most brands offer comfortable body-molded seating that's designed to seamlessly support and conform to the body's natural shape, allowing you to feel more weightless, relaxed, and comfortable.

Energy and Eco-friendly

Many newer models of hot tubs offer energy efficient machinery and designs, helping you save on energy costs and lower your impact on the environment.

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